Deeplomatic Bookings strives to bring top stalwart artists in the industry to stunning parties in the most iconic places.

Deeplomatic Recordings was established in London in 2014 with the goal of getting together some of the best electronic music producers around the world. 

Deeplomatic has now become one of the most prolific House labels worldwide, releasing music from some of the top stalwarts in the industry.

If you would like to submit a demo to the A&R team please submit it to info@deeplomatic.com
Please remember to only send private Soundcloud links with downloading enabled, please include a resume of your music career or attach your Press Kit.

Deeplomatic PR has helped break new artists, labels and festivals into the scene as well as expand the reach of stalwart names into new markets.

For further information and quotations on our PR services, please contact our PR department at: pr@deeplomatic.com

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